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Fwd: Becker for Mayor Campaign Appoints New Campaign Manager

MEDIA RELEASE For Immediate Release August 15, 2011 Contact: Weston Clark Campaign Manager Becker for Mayor 801-450-1122 (cell) *Becker for Mayor Campaign Appoints New Campaign Manager* * * (Salt Lake City, UT) – Mayor Ralph Becker appointed Weston Clark to serve as his manager for his re-election campaign today. Weston comes to the campaign with a wealth of political and campaign experience, including most recently serving as the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Chairman. Clark is replacing Matt Lyon who was recently hired as the Executive Director of the Utah State Democratic Party. Lyon will continue serving as a senior advisor to the campaign on a volunteer basis. “We are extremely fortunate to bring Weston Clark aboard the re-election campaign,” stated Mayor Ralph Becker. “Matt laid a strong foundation, and I’m confident Weston brings the background, skills, and network to execute the final phase of the campaign.” Clark served on the board of the Salt Lake County Democrats since 2005, including as the Party’s Chairman from 2008 – 2011. As Chairman, Weston successfully raised the revenue and hired the County Party’s first Executive Director since the 1980’s. In 2008, Clark’s leadership of the SLCO Dems Get-Out-The-Vote program played a key role in re-electing Mayor Peter Corroon and helping Obama for America carry Salt Lake County. Weston also oversaw the planning, development, and execution of the Party’s first coordinated field campaign in 2010. Prior to engaging in politics, Weston was a social studies teacher and debate coach at Viewmont High School and served on the Executive Committee of the Davis County Education Association. Weston lives in Salt Lake City with his partner, Brandon Mark, and son Xander. ###

Becker for Mayor Campaign Appoints New Campaign Manager

Becker for Mayor Campaign Appoints New Campaign Manager

Mayor’s Office of Diversity Adds Refugee Liaison

Mayor’s Office of Diversity Adds Refugee Liaison

Mayor Ralph Becker files strong financial report, raising $235,836 since his election



February 15, 2011

Mayor Ralph Becker files strong financial report, raising $235,836 since his election

(Salt Lake City, UT) – Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker released his campaign finance report today, raising over $235,836 with 385 contributions. As of 5:00 p.m., campaign has just over $152,623 cash available for the Mayor’s re-election efforts. The numbers reflect funds raised and spent since Mayor Becker’s election through February 15, 2011.

“The report shows broad public support for the Mayor’s re-election,” explained Matt Lyon, Campaign Manager for Becker for Mayor. “With over 300 unique individuals, companies, and organizations supporting the Mayor, there are leaders in the environmental, arts, downtown, housing, LGBT, local business and more calling for his re-election.”

For the financial period: February 11, 2010 – February 10, 2011, the Becker for Mayor Campaign reported raising over $165,724 and spent $27,334.80.

“The donations we’ve received from both our long-time and new supporters are very encouraging,” stated Mayor Ralph Becker. “Four years ago, I relied heavily on grassroots donors and large contributions to run an effective campaign. I’m excited to have earned the continued financial support of such a large and diverse community.”

Over the next few months, the Becker for Mayor Campaign will continue build support for Mayor Ralph Becker’s re-election efforts. The campaign plans include launching its field program and soliciting public input regarding its platform in early spring. For additional information and to keep up-to-date with the campaign, visit


Salt Lake City #2 In The Country For Jobs

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For Immediate Release
February 1, 2011

Salt Lake City #2 in the Country for Jobs
U.S. News & World Report Lauds City for Employment Opportunities

SALT LAKE CITY – Adding to a string of national media accolades, U.S. News & World Report today named Salt Lake City the #2 Best City in the country for finding a job.

Utah’s Capital City has earned recent recognition for its support of the arts, clean air initiatives, livability, bicycle friendliness and, last spring, a ranking by Forbes as the “Best City in America for Commuting.” Mayor Ralph Becker said the news was another indicator that the community is working its way back from tough economic times.

“While I continue to be concerned about our residents who have suffered job losses or are struggling with underemployment, this is a very positive sign,” Mayor Becker said. “It shows we are on the right track as we strive to build a Great American City.”

Mayor Becker recently spoke about the City’s job environment in an interview that accompanies the new rankings. You can read his remarks here.


Human Rights Commission Invites Public to Discuss Immigration

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January 19, 2011

Human Rights Commission Invites Public to Discuss Immigration Discussion is Second in Community “Dialogue on Race” Series 

SALT LAKE CITY – The Salt Lake City Human Rights Commission will host a community discussion on immigration – the second in a series of Dialogues on Race – Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011 at 6 p.m. in the University of Utah College of Social Work’s Goodwill Humanitarian Building (395 East 1500 South). 

The open, roundtable discussion will be initiated by Theresa Martinez, PhD, associate professor and assistant vice president for academic outreach at the University of Utah. The Commission hopes the event will help educate, raise public awareness and create a forum for thoughtful discussion on the challenging issue of immigration policy.

Martinez is co-author of Intersections of Gender, Race, and Class: Readings for a Changing Landscape. The event is co-sponsored by the University of Utah Office for Equity and Diversity’s MLK, Jr. Committee.   

WHO:                   Theresa Martinez, PhD

WHAT:                 Dialogue on Race - Immigration

WHERE:               University of Utah College of Social Work’s Goodwill Humanitarian Building (395 East 1500 South)

WHEN:                 6:00 p.m.; Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011


Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Mayor Becker Launch Civility and Community 2011 Initiative Grassroots Public Campaign Urges Residents to be more Civil, Caring and Inclusive

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January 5, 2011

Lt. Governor Greg Bell and Mayor Becker Launch Civility and Community 2011 Initiative Grassroots Public Campaign Urges Residents to be more Civil, Caring and Inclusive

SALT LAKE CITY - Mayor Ralph Becker will join Utah Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell on Jan. 6 at 11:30 a.m. at Memorial House in Memory Grove Park, 485 North Canyon Road (120 East), as co-chairs in launching the Utah Civility and Community 2011 Initiative. The initiative is based on a simple, immutable concept: In Utah, we are committed to respectful discourse and behavior toward all people. Further, we are committed to being a welcoming, inclusive and caring community.

While Utah’s political and media leadership have made formal, public calls for civil discourse in the past year, Mayor Becker and Lt. Gov. Bell, along with community leaders statewide, will join together to initiate a grassroots effort – one aimed at involving business, civic and neighborhood groups in a pledge to thoughtful dialogue on civility, community and our democracy.

“The simple message of the Civility initiative is one we believe everyone can get behind and benefit from as we all strive to treat those around us with respect ,” said Lt. Governor Greg Bell. “The best solutions and results for our community come from collaborative efforts – and true collaboration demands civility and respect for one another.” “Certainly we have all seen, or personally experienced, a trend that is taking us away from polite and thoughtful discourse in the political arena, between groups with differing opinions and even at the level of our everyday, personal interactions,” Mayor Becker said. “This effort is not just a reminder of decorum, but a call to action, for all Utahns to commit to a higher level of respect and civility in all areas of our lives.”

Tenets of the initiative call for community-based launches of civility efforts and will include regional, one-day training sessions for individuals and organizations. A web-based resource center will debut simultaneously with the launch tomorrow. The site will feature extensive training and multi-media tools for individuals and community groups to attain their initiative goals.


I am honored to stand before you this evening, in this new year, as the mayor of our fine City. Tonight I am going to part with tradition. A list and narrative of the past year’s challenges and accomplishments will NOT be part of my remarks in any detail tonight. 

Rather than reviewing the list here tonight, I have made available a written summary on the web of the remarkable progress Salt Lake City has made during the past year in a wide array of endeavors.

Tonight I am going to focus on the future, and how we are moving forward on one of our top priorities of 2010: The Sugar House Streetcar. 

This project reflects – in style and in substance – the goals, values, and priorities we have set for our great city. It exemplifies our continued commitment to move Salt Lake City forward despite challenging economic conditions. In fact, I see the Sugar House Streetcar as a metaphor for the State of Our City.

Read more…

My decision to run for re-election in 2011

Dear Friend,

While much has been accomplished, there is so much more to do for Salt Lake City to achieve its potential as a great American city.  That is why earlier today I announced my intentions to run for re-election as Salt Lake City Mayor!  Please visit to learn more about the campaign, join our email list, or make a contribution today.

I have been fortunate to lead Salt Lake City in this transformative time.  Since the 2007 election, our City has made major strides in social justice, downtown and neighborhood vitality, sustainability and livability, and open government.  Together, we passed Utah’s first non-discrimination ordinances, secured funding for a street car line to Sugar House, worked with Salt Lake County to designate nearly $500,000 annually for cultural activities downtown, developed a policy on Open Government, and more.  But even with our success, many endeavors are in progress and there are others that need renewed attention and energy.

In these troubled and transformative economic times, Salt Lake City must continue to be creative and steadfast to realize our vision and meet our goals.  Over the next four years, improving the mobility and infrastructure within Utah’s Capital City needs be a top priority.  Our fiscal health, energy, air, and quality of life depend on us completing the TRAX line to the airport, expanding street car lines in Sugar House, downtown, and potentially the west side, and continuing to build trails and bikeways throughout the City.  We need to fulfill our pledge to divert 50% of the City’s waste from the landfill by 2015.  With the City Creek Center slated to open in 2012, we should seize the opportunity to create a truly vibrant downtown by pursuing cultural opportunities, supporting local businesses, providing housing opportunities, and promoting an active nightlife.  Future generations depend on us to protect our open spaces, watershed, and natural areas that make Salt Lake a great place to live.

Thank you for your support of my campaign four years ago, and I hope to earn your support again in 2011.  I encourage you to visit, join our email list, and make a contribution towards my candidacy.  We have also posted an announcement video and a summary of the last four years online. 

Over the next few months, we will continue to update so please keep in touch.  I hope to see you on the campaign trail!


Ralph Becker

Mayor Ralph Becker Announces his bid for Re-election



January 2, 2011

Contact:               Matt Lyon
                           Campaign Manager
                           Becker for Mayor

Mayor Ralph Becker Announces his bid for Re-election

On January 2, 2011, Ralph Becker is announcing his bid for re-election as Salt Lake City Mayor.  He is available for public comment and media interviews this morning.

WHO:   Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker

WHAT: Available for comment regarding his re-election

WHEN:        Sunday, January 2, 2010
                10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
                Additional times available on Monday

WHERE: Becker for Mayor Campaign Headquarters
                 145 S 400 E
                Salt Lake City, UT

As Mayor, Ralph Becker has focused on social justice (passing the mutual commitment registry and non-discrimination ordinances); downtown and neighborhood vitality (lifting the City’s “two-per-block-face” restriction on alcohol establishments, setting aside $500,000/year with Salt Lake County for arts and culture, and developing the neighborhood business matching grant program); sustainability and livability (working with UTA to fund TRAX to the airport, securing federal funding for the Sugarhouse Street Car, establishing the “Clear the Air Challenge” and pursuing other “green” solutions to Salt Lake’s air quality concerns); and Open Government (adopting the Open Government Policy, launching “Open City Hall,” and involving the community in major decisions such as the Public Safety Building, alcohol normalization, the Utah Performing Arts Center, and the Comprehensive Sustainability Ordinances).

Additional information online at